Robohoney is more than just a brand.
It is a way for people to understand their own trauma and mental health.

Robohoney is a brand that brings awareness to how trauma/ traumatic experiences deeply impact our mental health and wellness. Many of us in life experience traumatic moments such as losing a loved one, the ending of a relationship or friendship, relocation, or a change in employment status. Oftentimes during these trials and tribulations we feel as though we do not have anyone there to help us pick up the pieces.  


Our motto is “#WeGotYou” meaning we will always have your back — Especially when you are ready to heal and grow from your traumatic experiences, and pick up those pieces.



EST’d since Jan. 2018 by Cambridge, MA native, Christopher Adams (B.A. Psychology) 

T H E   L O G O 


Traumatic experience or Person causing trauma


Representation of the issues/struggles induced by your "Bee"


Representation of unrealistic expectation for us to function perfectly as if our trauma does not exist


Internal & external representation of the trauma we've experienced/are experiencing